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Healthcare plays a critical role in a healthy democracy!

Making Democracy Work requires advocating for policies that benefit all, including universal affordable healthcare. These resources are provided by the LWV National Healthcare Reform Committee (HCR4US) whose caucus was chaired at the 2018 convention by Michelle Dorsey, M.D. of the LWV Metro Phoenix. Our goal is to help Leagues continue to fight for universal healthcare; in particular Improved Single Payer Medicare For All. 

We invite you to join the League's Healthcare Network. If interested, please send your contact information to the HCR4US Group moderator Linda Mahan (LWV Larimer County CO).


Is This What Democracy Looks Like?

  • 27 Million people are uninsured in America
  • Cost is the number one barrier to coverage for the uninsured
  • A majority of the inunsured have at least one full-time worker in the family
  • Families with incomes below 400% of poverty are at the highest risk of being uninsured
  • The uninsured delay care and receive less preventive care
  • Medical bills can threaten the financial well-being of the uninsured

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