April 2020 Voter Newsletter

April 2020 Voter Newsletter

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 April League News to Keep You Connected!

There’s more to life than coronavirus, and to prove that, here are some ways to stay interested and involved in League activities! (Here’s the PDF if you want to get everything in one place.)

  • League meetings go on! Action/Advocacy Committee is on Saturday, April 4, at 10 am as usual – let us know if you need the information on how to join the virtual meeting. April Board meeting will also be a virtual meeting, and we will send you that link if you ask.
  • Government meetings go on! We have a run-down on which government bodies are holding virtual meetings and how public participation is working (hint: not all that many have gone beyond cancelling meetings, but some seem to be doing well at remote participation.) You can add what you know about other boards and communities by info [at] lwvdv.org (subject: Remote%20participation%20in%20government%20meetings) (emailing us).
  • And if government meetings are happening, we have observers reporting. We even have a new observer team for the Board of Supervisors! See the updates from recent Lafayette, Walnut Creek and Concord meetings, then plan to follow your own legislative bodies via your computer.

Want to escape from current events?

  • Take time for some reflection on who you are and the values you bring to League, with April’s discussion question from “Waking Up White”. Challenging!
  • Meet our latest suffragist-of-the-month, Selina Solomons – a San Francisco powerhouse and leader of the California suffrage movement. Click through to read her book (not very long) with its vivid portrayal of an organization much like the League.

Can’t wait to get out and about again?

  • We’re making plans to have Annual Meeting on May 30, even if it’s virtual – read Suzan’s President’s Letter to see how that will happen.
  • Learn about the group Moms Demand Action in our guest article. We can partner with MDA on some of their activities -- if this is a topic you’d like to follow for the League, the Action/Advocacy Committee would like to know!
  • Take a moment to look at our Schools and Communities First accomplishments, and what’s in store for the campaign.
  • Look ahead to the coming months with our health care policy group and our voter service team – there’s planning to be done now for when we can be more active again!

Still antsy? Here’s a list of things you can do right now:

  • Respond to LWVUS Action Alert on Funding to Keep the 2020 Election Safe and Secure (https://www.lwv.org/, click on Take Action)
  • Participate in Census 2020! Find your form, get online and file!
  • Talk to the LWVDV Nominating Committee about how you can be part of LWVDV leadership in 2020-21. Contact Ashley at ashleyaoc [at] comcast.net.
  • Learn to use Zoom if you haven’t already – for tips, email info [at] lwvdv.org. Video helps keep us closer!
  • Take advantage of extra time to figure out how to access your city council meetings remotely – and share the information!
  • Explore our LWVDV website (also LWVC and LWVUS).


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