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Get active again as life picks up and so does League! We are responding to the pandemic in so many ways and getting better at it – just look at what is in this Voter!

Image of video Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man
Blog Post

Emmanuel Acho sits down to have an “uncomfortable conversation” with white America, in order to educate and inform on racism, system racism, social injustice, rioting & the hurt African Americans are feeling today.

image of a hospital

by Marian Shostrom and Pat Snyder, Health Care Issue Co-Chairs

Logo for campaign, Schools and Communities First
Blog Post

Updates on what we've achieved, and what comes next in our initiative campaign.

Image of exhibit poster
Blog Post

The Museum of the San Ramon Valley is mounting an exhibit to recognize the centennial of woman suffrage in America which was finally certified on August 26, 1920.

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Voting Rights, voting, COVID19, elections

We are working to protect voters’ rights and defend democracy!

Extend redistricting deadlines, amicus brief filed
Public Statement

We must preserve California's independent redistricting process and extend current deadlines.

Public Statement

No One Should Have to Choose Between Their Health and Their Right to Vote

black lives matter Georgeo Floyd, League of Women Voters of California
Public Statement

The LWVC responds to the killing of George Floyd

Mia Villasenor, LWVC Intern

We love our interns!