Anne Rudin Scholarship

Anne Rudin Scholarship


2019 Anne Rudin Scholarship award presented 

The League of Women Voters of Sacramento County awarded its 2019 Anne Rudin Scholarship to Clarissa Laguardia, who is studying in the Master's Degree program in Public Policy and Administration at CSUS. The award ceremony took place at a Suffragist Club reception.

Anne Rudin History

Anne Rudin, Mayor

Anne Rudin served as President of both the League of Women Voters of Sacramento (1961-63) and the League of Women Voters of California (1967-69). She then became a member of the Sacramento City Council for twelve years (1971-83) and Mayor of Sacramento from 1983 to 1992. She continues to be involved in this community.

In the mid 1990s, the League of Women Voters of Sacramento County established the Anne Rudin Scholarship Fund to commemorate the accomplishments of Mayor Rudin. The purpose of the scholarship is to enable other women to pursue higher education in the fields of public administration and public policy.

Anne Rudin Scholarship Winners

2019  Clarissa Laguardia

Clarissa Laguardia

2018  Kathleen Soriano

2018 Kathleen Soriano

2017  Taylor Buck

2017 Taylor Buck
2016  Michelle Gish

2016 Michele Gish
2015 Trevino &  Acierto

2015 Ofelia Trevino-Krystal Acierto


Program temporarily suspended

Ofelia Trevino & Krystal Acierto received awards in 2015

2013  Lauren Suedkamp

2013 Lauren SuedKamp


2012  Natalie Kuffel

2012 Natalie Kuffel
2011  Heidi Jensen

2011 Heidi Jensen
2010  Tomasa Duenas

2010 Tomasa Duenas


2009  Sunny Stevenson

2009 Sonny Stevenson
2008  Richele Carion

2008 Richelle Carino


Eligibility and Selection

The scholarship is open to women who are enrolled in public administration, government, or public-policy related programs at an institution of higher education in the Sacramento area. The applicant must be, enrolled in upper division studies or be a graduate student.

Applicants are evaluated on the basis of:

    • academic record
    • commitment to public service
    • career objectives

Applications are reviewed by a committee under the leadership of the League of Women Voters of Sacramento.  The next award cycle will begin in mid summer 2020. Applications will be available at that time.

Questions? Call (916) 447-8683 or e-mail scholarship [at]