LWVC Recommendations

LWVC Recommendations

Vote with the Sacramento League

The LWV Sacramento County studied the local ballot initiatives to take a stand on Measure A - NO.   Read more about the League positions for the November 3, 2020 ballot.

League of Women Voters of California publishes....

...postions based on prior agreed-upon League research, discussion and votes of League members throughout California and the United States. Read the details and see the selections: 

  • PROP 14 Stem Cell Research ----------LWVC is NEUTRAL
  • PROP 15 Schools and communities ----------LWVC Vote YES
  • PROP 16 Opportunity for all  -----------LWVC Vote YES
    Affirmative action in state hiring, contracting, and education.
  • PROP 17 Restore Voting Rights ----------LWVC vote YES
    Restoring voting rights to Californians who have completed their prison term.
  • PROP 18 Voting Rights for 17-Year Olds  ----------LWVC vote YES
    Seventeen-year-olds who will be 18 by the next general election should be able to vote in primary and special elections. 
  • PROP 19 Property Tax Breaks ----------LWVC vote NO
    Senior citizens are already allowed to keep their current tax assessment when they purchase a home of equal or lesser value.
  • PROP 20 Rollback on Criminal Justice Reforms ----------LWVC vote NO
    Prop 20 would roll back many advances in criminal justice reforms and reinstate a “get tough” law enforcement system that believes longer incarceration is a solution to crime. 
  • PROP 21 Local Governments & Rent Control  -----------LWVC is NEUTRAL
  • PROP 22 Rideshare and Delivery Drivers -----------LWVC takes NO POSITION
  • PROP 23 Kidney Dialysis Clinics -----------LWVC is NEUTRAL 
  • PROP 24 Consumer Data Privacy -----------LWVC vote NO
    Among the troubling aspects of Prop 24 is its expansion of “pay for privacy” through the addition of loyalty and rewards programs, allowing businesses to charge consumers more or provide worse service if they choose to exercise their privacy rights. It also weakens the current legal requirement that companies respect a global opt-out for all services.
  • PROP 25 End Cash Money Bail ————————————LWVC vote YES
    A "yes"vote on Prop 25 is a vote to replace the money bail system with the use of pretrial risk assessment tools that focus on safety and flight risk.