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The League of Women Voters encourages informed and active participation in government. We work to increase the understanding of major public policy issues and work to influence public policy through education and advocacy.  We never support or oppose candidates or political parties.

Our League's Primary Community Efforts

  • Registering voters
  • Moderating local
    candidate forums and debates
  • Conducting state proposition presentations
  • Providing voters with Election Voter Guides

 Spotlight News

Our Voter Outreach Team is Democracy in Action!


LWVSSMC Voter Service, Education, Program, and Communication Teams collaborated with Belle Haven Action and the Silicon Valley Community Foundation to complete a busy schedule of outreach events before the Presidential Primary Election last Tuesday. 

The main target audiences were:

-- Residents of 11 precincts in Redwood City and Menlo Park with a past history of low voter turnout
-- Government classes in local high schools

The Voter Outreach Team included information about 2020 Census in our campaigns. The Team outreach was important for all residents - both citizens and non-citizens.

2,209 - Total Residents Reached!

  • Voter Registration & Information Events

    1005 Redwood City and Menlo Park residents were met with at over 20 events

  •  Google Ad Campaign

    460 clicks (100+ on Election Day) and 55,000 impressions all in a 3-mile radius of Marsh Manor - which includes our Redwood City precincts and Belle Haven precinct

  • Neighborhood Voter Canvassing

    744 residents were reached by canvassing, phone banking, and text messaging -  425 in Redwood City and 319 inBelle Haven.

  • MidPen Media Channel -"Talking with Henrietta"

    Three LWVSSMC and Belle Haven Action members were interviewed on the hour long show.
    The video aired on Sunday 3/1, Monday 3/2, and Tuesday 3/3 well as being posted in several Facebook groups.
    Watch the Video

The Voter Outreach Team is grateful to the staff of the following locations for supporting our outreach programs this year:

Belle Haven Farmer's Market
Fair Oaks Community Center
Hillview Middle School
Menlo-Atherton High School
Menlo Park Belle Haven Library
Menlo Park Main Library
Onetta Harris Community Center
Redwood High School
Redwood City Main Library
Sequoia High School
Sequoia YMCA
Siena Youth Center
St. Francis Center
Veteran's Memorial Senior Center

And most of all, the Voter Outreach Team is grateful for the work of 39 wonderful members and volunteers who devoted their time to making our campaigns successful!  We are look forward to seeing everyone at Volunteer Recognition Night to celebrate a job well done, recap what worked, and share lessons for next time.  

Special Note  Due to the coronavirus outbreak, we are postponing the Volunteer Recognition Night from March 11 to a future date.  Please keep an eye out for a new email invitation when authorities say the danger is minimal.


Portola Valley Town Council Presents Proclamation to LWVSSMC for LWV 100 Year Anniversary


Tracy Clark, LWVSSMC President

Rita Comes, LWVSSMC Member

Portola Valley Proclamation - LWV 100 yr Anniversary

LWVSSMC Members Accepting the
Portola Valley Town Council Proclamation

Portola Valley Proclamation - LWV 100 yr Anniversary - LWVSSMC Members


2020 Census - Everyone Counts!

2020 Census

Check Your Mailbox
Invitations to Participate have been Mailed

Check your mail and look for your invitation to complete the 2020 Census beginning March 122020 when homes across the country will begin receiving invitations to complete the 2020 Census.

Once the invitation arrives, you can respond  in one of the three ways: online, by phone, or by mail.

Don't worry if you miss your invitation, there will be several  follow-up reminders, you can go online to complete your questionnaire at, or call 1-844-330-2020. 


  • March 12 - April 3 -- Reminder letters & postcards are sent to each household to complete 2020 Census on-line or request a paper form
  • April 1 - Census Day
  • April 8 - 27 -- If household has not completed 2020 Census on-line, a paper form will be sent
  • May 1 -- If household has not completed 2020 Census on-line or in paper form, an in-person interview will occur 

Learn More About the Census


Empowering the Future - LWVSSMC Takes Action to Grow


Four years ago a group of long-time Leaguers came together to examine the status of our local League and develop a plan to revitalize our organization. Our main concerns were steadily declining membership and lack of new leadership. We organized an ad hoc membership committee and decided to apply for consulting help from the Stanford Graduate School of Business Alumni Relations Department. We were fortunate enough to have our application accepted. 
A four-person Alumni Consulting Team led by Rick Warp (LWVSSMC Treasurer) developed a set of recommendations that we have spent the last three years implementing. We are excited to bring this report to each of you to make you aware of how much we've accomplished in those three years.


From our Climate Change Adaptation Committee


Adapting to Sea Level Rise:  The Bay Area Starts New Projects

The Bay Area will start seeing communities build structures to help protect them from rising ocean levels.

Read More



National LWV Call for Action
Demand a Hearing on For the People Act!


The For the People Act is a historic opportunity to expand voting rights, counter gerrymandering, improve election security, enact ethics reform, and limit the influence of big money in politics.  It just passed the House, but faces an uphill battle in the Senate.  

Please contact your senators right now to demand a hearing on the For the People Act.  
Go to -action, scroll down to Demand a Hearing on For the People Act and click on Contact you Senators right now. It will ask for your street address and zip code, then automatically create emails for Senators Feinstein and Harris that you can send with just one click.

For those interested in more background, this is a bill with strong backing by the LWV. Specifically, the For the People Act:

  • Expands voter registration and voting access
  • Limits removing roters from voter rolls
  • Encourages states to establish independent, nonpartisan redistricting commissions
  • Makes Election Day a federal holiday
  • Sets forth provisions related to election security, such as protectingthe security of the voter rolls, supporting states in securing their election systems, and other provisionsto improve the cybersecurity of election systems
  • Addresses campaign spending, including by expanding the ban on foreign nationals contributing to or spending on elections; expanding disclosure rules pertaining to organizations spending money on campaign advertisements, and online platforms; and revising disclaimer requirements for political advertising. 
  • Requires candidates for President and Vice President to submit 10 years of tax returns.

Please contact your senators right now to demand a hearing on the For the People Act at -action! 


Upcoming Events

Event Date: 
Mar 14 2020 - 9:30am to 12:30pm
Event location: 

Woodside Village Church

Meeting Postponed

The Annual Joint Meeting planned for March 14, 2020

Event Date: 
Apr 17 2020 - 8:30am to 6:45pm
Event location: 

Berkeley Law, Booth Auditoriun

Meeting Postponed Till Fall!

Event Date: 
Mar 31 2020 - 8:00am to 12:30pm
Event location: 

College of San Mateo

Meeting Postponed!