Public Input Sought in New Castle County on Climate Action Plan, Land Preservation

Public Input Sought in New Castle County on Climate Action Plan, Land Preservation

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New Castle County is currently seeking input from its citizens on important environmental issues.

  1. NCC exploring options for expanding land protection and is looking for your input as to what to protect and how to pay for it. Please participate in the survey at this link: Land Preservation Task Force Survey
  2. DNREC’s Division of Climate, Coastal, & Energy will hold three public input sessions the first week of March seeking input on development of the state’s climate action plan. More information here: DNREC to hold public sessions March 3, 4, and 5 seeking input on development of Delaware’s climate action plan - State of Delaware News

DNREC Climate Action

DNREC is the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control. The public input sessions will be held in each of the three counties from 4:30 – 7:30 p.m. each evening: Tues Mar 3 in Georgetown, Weds Mar 4 in Wilmington, and Thurs Mar 5 in Dover. Wednesday's New Castle County session will be held at the Wilmington Public Library.

The workshops will provide an opportunity for Delawareans to learn more about how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and better prepare the state for climate impacts. Workshop attendees will also have a chance to provide their thoughts on choices the state can make to more effectively take action on climate change.

Land Preservation Task Force

The New Castle County Land Preservation Task Force was launched in August 2019 with a focus on developing a countywide land preservation strategy. Land preservation has traditionally been approached in two broad categories, farm land and open space, which is reflected in this survey. Your answers to the survey questions in Item 1 above will help guide the Task Force in their work and development of recommendations.

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