Support a balanced, intermodal transportation system
Position In Brief: 

LWVNCC supports a balanced, intermodal transportation system interconnected with land use and based on inter-jurisdictional coordination.

Position History: 

Adopted 3/1996

The League supports:

▪ A multi modal/interconnected transportation system, including but not limited to: highways, mass transit, rail, bicycle paths and pedestrian walkways.
▪ A transportation system that is consistent with protection of natural resources, including water quality and supply, and air quality.
▪ A transportation system consistent with conservation of energy resources.
▪ Full coordination between transportation-related authorities and regional, state and local planning agencies with an emphasis on the interconnection between land use and transportation.
▪ Some measure of public control exerted on transportation-related authorities in the State of Delaware, regardless of whether they are publicly financed.
▪ Public education of transportation issues and policy based on workshops, forums, etc.
▪ Timely participation by the public in decision-making.

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New Castle County