Children's Services

Children's Services

Supports making children's services a top priority in Volusia County.
Position History: 

[revised position adopted 4/24/2010 and re-adopted May 16, 2020]

LWVVC supports making children's services a top priority in Volusia County with an emphasis on:

  • Prenatal health care that includes screenings for maternal and fetal wellbeing; maternal screenings and treatment for social- emotional health and for addictions.
  • Comprehensive healthcare for children that includes preventive screenings and timely treatment of physical, emotional and behavioral problems.
  • Age appropriate educational programs for children that include access to factual programs in sex education, parenting, child development and addictive substances.

The League of Women Voters of Volusia County supports the following recommendations for local legislative or community action:

  • Create a resource center to collect, coordinate and disseminate information about services to children available in Volusia County, that will be made available to parents and professionals working with children.
  • Require training of all childcare personnel in child development and behavioral interventions.
  • Require licensure of all family childcare homes.
  • Encourage employers to provide or subsidize childcare for employees.
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