Local Government

Local Government

Supports comprehensive County planning and coordination.
Position In Brief: 

The League of Women Voters of Volusia County is concerned about the negative consequences of rapid growth throughout the region. These positions address the goals and processes of comprehensive planning and require coordination among the governments of Volusia County.

Position History: 

[revised position, adopted April 6, 2013 and re-adopted May 16, 2020]

In order to preserve the quality of life in Volusia County:

  • LWVVC supports Volusia County and the municipalities within its borders working together to protect the environment while providing reasonable use of the land and restricting the use of wetland mitigation.
  • LWVVC supports buffering of environmentally sensitive land and water bodies and encourages developing open, recreational, and green spaces to enhance and maintain quality of life within the county and its municipalities.
  • LWVVC supports giving public interest priority regarding the conservation of our natural habitats in Volusia County.
  • LWVVC supports increased consideration to potable water issues, including the assurance of clean water, in the Comprehensive Plans of Volusia County and its municipalities.
  • LWVVC supports development of effective drainage systems to improve recharge and retention areas and reduce flooding in Volusia County and its municipalities.
  • LWVVC encourages Volusia County and its municipalities to work together to direct regional growth in a responsible manner.
  • LWVVC supports measures to ensure that any comprehensive plan amendment or rezoning that permits increased residential density may be approved only if adequate public schools can be timely planned and constructed to serve the projected increase in student population.
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