Natural Resources

Natural Resources

Supports water conservation and essential ecosystem management.
Position In Brief: 

The League of Women Voters of Volusia County supports efforts to conserve and protect our water supply as an essential part of ecosystem management.

Position History: 

[adopted May 14, 2016 and re-adopted May 16, 2020]

These efforts include:


    • The County Council's continued implementation of Volusia County's stormwater management ordinance.
    • LWVVC's continued participation in the LWV Coalition to monitor the St. Johns River Water Management District.
    • LWVVC supports coordinated management to protect Volusia County's aquifer and the recharge area.
    • Establishment of a county-wide entity to govern water usage.


    • Recognizing that stormwater basins and sub-canal systems cross city/community boundaries, LWVVC believes that Volusia County should be primarily responsible for their maintenance.
    • LWVVC supports both county and local stormwater fees.
    • LWVVC supports continued and expanded use of re-claimed water.
    • Local municipalities should include streetsweeping in their stormwater management plans to minimize pollution by debris in collection systems and basins.
    • In addition to preventing flooding, effective stormwater management plans must provide for:

      1. reduction of pollutants entering the waterways.
      2. reduction of desalination of salt water tributaries in the county.
      3. reclamation of stormwater to reduce the demands on the aquifer.
      4. reduction of runoff pollution entering the aquifer.
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