Voting Dates

Voting Dates

2020 Election Dates and Deadlines

For the full calendar from the Office of Elections, click here.

Voter Registration (by mail or online)

Primary: Thursday, July 9th 
General: Monday, October 5th
Same-Day Registration is also available at Voter Service Centers. Contact your Clerk's Office for more information.

Start Receiving Primary Election Mail Ballot Packets

Primary: Tuesday, July 21st
General: Friday, October 16th

Voter Service Centers Open

Primary: Monday, July 27th
General: Tuesday, October 20th

Last day to request an absentee mail ballot for

the Primary Election from the Clerk’s Office


Primary: Saturday, August 1st
General: Tuesday, October 27th

Open places of deposit for the Primary Election

Primary: Monday, August 3rd
General: Tuesday, October 27th

Election Day

Primary: Saturday, August 8th
General: Tuesday, November 3rd
On Election Day:
1. Voter service centers and places of deposit for the Primary Election close at 7:00 pm.
2. Voted ballots must be received by the Clerk’s Office by 7:00 pm.

Contact your Clerk's Office for more information or with any questions.