Voting by Mail - Filling Out and Returning your Ballot

Voting by Mail - Filling Out and Returning your Ballot

A voter who receives an absentee ballot by mail must mark the ballot in secret and seal the ballot in the envelope provided. After voting the mailed absentee ballot, the voter must then deliver the sealed absentee ballot envelope to the county election board by

1) depositing the envelope in the mail;

2) delivering the envelope in person; or

3) delivering the envelope to a member of the voter’s household, bonded courier company, or the voter’s attorney in fact.

DO NOT RETURN YOUR BALLOT BY MAIL after October 20, 2020. The Post Office is unable to assure timely delivery of your returned ballot.     

On Election Day if a voter has not yet returned their absentee ballot to the county election board, the voter can hand deliver the ballot sealed in the absentee ballot envelope to the county election board before the deadline noted above, or take their absentee ballot to their polling location, surrender it to the precinct inspector, and vote a regular ballot. (IC 3-11-10-31; IC 3-11.5-4-18)

If a voter applies for an absentee ballot by mail, but has not received the ballot and appears at the polls on Election Day, the voter may vote a regular ballot in person at the polls after completing an affidavit documenting that the person has not received the requested absentee ballot.