Local Study Committee

Local Study Committee


 From June, 2018 - June 2020, this Committee of seven is working on An Analysis of Appointed Committees in Falmouth Town Government as voted at the LWVF Annual Meeting

of May12, 2018. Initially it was necessary to prioritize a small number of the 50-some existing committees. We chose seven: Affordable Housing, Council on Aging, Recreation, Solid Waste, Veterans Council, Water Quality Management and Waterways for the first year of the study.


Methodology included: obtaining Committee Mission Statement, contacting chairpersons to arrange for attendance at a meeting and interviewing the chair with a generically composed questionnaire. Results were compiled and served as a basis for oral presentations at the April League meeting. League Observers (for several committees) were contacted to clarify or enhance findings. Relevant town officials were informed of our plans when requesting their cooperation and support, which was graciously provided.

Annual Town Reports gave historical background as well as current information. Meeting minutes were also available. Short answers to 8 questions included names of chairmen and Select Board Liaisons, committee size, date committee was established, members’ term length, frequency of meetings, existence of Mission Statements, and number of annual meetings lacking a quorum. This data was available to the audience on a Powerpoint chart.

Responses to questions requiring lengthier answers were included in committee members’ reports:

  1. Has the town specified qualifications or criteria for appointment to your committee?
  2. How are absences from committee meetings handled?
  3. Type of town government communication?
  4. Type of town government support?
  5.  Is there annual training in open meeting and conflict of interest laws?
  6. Are there joint meetings with other town committees?
  7. Are there hindrances to committee work?
  8. How would you rate committee member satisfaction?


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Doris Epstein and Sylvia Szulkin, Local Study Co-Chair Committee: Alice Carey, Penny Duby, Joanne Treistman, Olivia White, Judy Ziss
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