Legislature Sends Gerrymandering Plan to Governor

Legislature Sends Gerrymandering Plan to Governor


The Missouri House voted 98-58 on May 13 to approve SJR38. The resolution asks voters in the November election to replace Amendment 1’s redistricting reforms with a system that allows unprecedented racial and partisan gerrymandering.

Voters approved Clean Missouri (Amendment 1) in 2018 to ensure that neither political party gets an unfair advantage when district maps are drawn. Hidden in SJR38 is language that could make Missouri the only state not using total population to draw maps after the 2020 Census. 

“This gerrymandering plan gives political parties more power and opens the door to a process that doesn’t count anyone under age 18 or non-citizens when drawing legislative district maps,” says LWVMO President Evelyn Maddox. “They deserve representation and services just as much as registered voters.”

 "These are unprecedented times, but please do not support this effort to allow unprecedented racial and partisan gerrymandering in Missouri," Maddox said in written testimony while the state was under a stay-at-home order. "We want fair maps to protect Missouri voters and make sure each vote counts."

The proposed changes to the redistricting process will be on the November ballot unless Governor Mike Parson decides to put it on the August ballot. The measure would also eliminate lobbyist gifts that Clean Missouri capped to $5 and lower the limit on contributes to Senate candidates by $100.

Click here for a fact sheet on redistricting. For the League news release, click here.

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