Support Medicaid Expansion Aug. 4

Support Medicaid Expansion Aug. 4

Amendment 2

 Medicaid expansion will be Amendment 2 on Aug. 4 Ballot

  • The League supports this measure to expand Medicaid eligibility to individuals ages 19 to 64 making under $17,000 or couples earning under $23,000 per year.
  • The proposed Constitutional amendment is projected to bring insurance coverage to more than 215,000 Missourians. More than 90,000 children and 23,000 adults lost their coverage in the past year.
  • Residents of the 36 states that expanded Medicaid have seen better health outcomes. Those states also saw lower mortality rates.
  • By not having expanded Medicaid, the state legislature rejected $15 billion in federal funding ($1.5 billion dollars a year).
  • Missouri HealthNet, the state’s Medicaid program, currently covers only disabled people, pregnant women, children and some seniors.
  • The League believes Missourians should not have to choose between health care needs and other necessities.
  • This proposal creates thousands of new jobs. It is expected to generate nearly $2 billion dollars a year in economic activity.
  • Washington University research found the state won’t pay more. That’s due to an increased federal match (90% instead of the current 65%) and its share of $130 million being offset by cost savings.
  • Medicaid expansion will support critical health care infrastructure in rural Missouri. Eight rural hospitals in the state have closed.
  • Medicaid expansion will help our hospitals stay open and our families get the care they need.

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