Add Article

Add Article

Articles allow Leagues to add news articles, blog posts, and press mentions all in one spot! The articles are added individually. As you create each article, they begin to fill the Articles page, which can be found at:

To create a new article, follow these steps along with the screenshots as your guide to get started. 

  1. While on your homepage, expand the Administer League Site menu. 
    1. You'll find this icon above your site menu:Administer League Site menu
  2. From the drop-down list of options, click Add Article. This will open a new draft of a new article.Create Article - add title, choose type, & main image
  3. Add Title.
  4. TYPE: Choose Article Type
    1. When choosing the article type, the field right below this (Additional details) will change as certain types of articles come with extra fields to fill in.
      1. News: default option
      2. Blog Post: similar fields as News
      3. Press Release: unique field--Date of Release or Mention (enter date of original press release)
      4. Press Mention: unique fields--Date of Release or MentionLINK (to press mention), and/or LOGO (enter date, copy URL link to original press release, and/or upload new logo or use existing image from Media Library)
      5. Member's Spotlight: unique field--MEMBER BEING FEATURED (you will choose the member from all-inclusive list of members: start typing the featured member's name to see choices)Create Article - search for main image (Media Library)
  5. MAIN IMAGE: Add a main image that will serve as the header of the article's page. You can upload a new image, or search for an existing one from the Media Library.Create Article - Copy/paste article text into Body
  6. BODY: Add text to the Body. Format text as needed.
    1. (Edit summary): Add a short blurb about the article. This summary displays when you promote the article to the front page/homepage. To edit the summary, you'll find the link next to the title of the Body text box. For help with editing the summary, check out this documentation: Textbox w/ Edit Summary optionCreate Article - add embed code, attachments, tags, related issues or committees
  7. BODY WITH EMBED CODE: If more space is needed, add an additional text box or add embed code (e.g. embed code for an event registration widget). 
  8. Attachments/ATTACH MEDIA: Add attachments/downloads. These items will only display as a link on the page (to be opened in a new tab).
  9. TAGS: Add search terms to the article so that it's searchable via those terms.
  10. ISSUES REFERENCED BY THIS ARTICLE: Add related issue(s) to the article. This list is comprised of the current issues at the National League and California League.
  11. POSITIONS REFERENCED BY THIS ARTICLE: Add related position(s) to the article. The list is all-inclusive (all Leagues displayed) and the positions are in order by position title then League name.
  12. THIS ARTICLE IS RELATED TO WHICH COMMITTEES: Add related committee(s). This list also all-inclusive, but the League follows the name of each committee.
  13. PUBLIC OR MEMBERS ONLY?: By default, the article is public. You can change it to private so that the article is only viewed by authenticated users (users with login access).
  14. LEAGUE TO WHICH THIS CONTENT BELONGS: This field remains unchanged.Create Article - publishing options
  15. Publishing Options: 
    1. Promoted to front page: checking this box will display a preview of the article. When this option is enabled, the summary displays on the homepage. If you do NOT add your own customized summary, the first few lines of the article will automatically be taken as the preview on the homepage.
    2. MODERATION STATE: If you are happy with your changes, set this state to Published. 
    3. Click Save.

Here is an example of this Article once published:
Create Article - Published version

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