Add Content Item and Menu Link

Add Content Item and Menu Link

When you have created new pages in your site, you can also add them to your menu through each page's editing form. Just create the content you want to add to the menu, save the newly created content, then edit it once again to have access to the menu settings for that content item. 

You cannot create a path within your site, you are only allowed to assign a path. You will need the page (and its path) to exist first before creating the menu link.

To add a new content item to your site:

  1. Click Add Page (or Add ____, depending on the content item you want) from the Administer League Site menu
  2. Then fill in the Title of the content, add desired text & formatting, and add optional media, tags, or related positions. 
  3. Once you are finished creating the content, save it as a Draft (Moderation State). 

After you've saved a new content item to your site, you'll have an additional setting within the editing form: Menu settings. To add this content item to your site menu:

  1. Start a New Draft of the new page, and make any necessary changes. 
  2. Before you save this version, set the Moderation State (under Publishing options at the bottom of the page) to Published
  3. Now click Menu settings under Publishing options, and choose Provide a menu link

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Check out the Glossary for any unfamiliar terms.

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