Adding or managing Media (PDFs, Images, Files)

Adding or managing Media (PDFs, Images, Files)

MyLO offers a complex media library which is shared between leagues. This media library allows you to upload files, including PDFs, images (jpgs, pngs, gifs), Word docs, Excel files, PowerPoint files, and more.

A video detailing the behavior of the Media Library is available on our YouTube channel.

Be aware that Word docs, Excel files, and PowerPoint files are among the most common hosts of viruses. If you are uploading one of these to or using one of these from MyLO,  you are taking responsibility for checking your files for viruses on your own system.

There are three ways of getting into the media library:

  1. Use the Browse button on one of the Image or Attachments fields when creating or editing content
  2. Use the Embedded Media buttons in the visual editor when writing or editing content
  3. Use your Manage Files page

All three of these methods will add your media to the overall library. It is your responsibility to properly catagorize, describe, and otherwise provide adequate metadata for your media so that anyone else from your League or other Leagues using these files will be able to find them, will have decent accessibility tools in place, and will know of any copyright restrictions.

Providing proper metadata for your media

The metadata (informaiton about information) that you provide for each file will help with accessibilty, search engine optimization (SEO), and also with helping you and other League Webmasters find files. When you upload a new file, you will be given a number of fields to fill out. These include:

  • Alt Text (required for images, not applicable to other file types)
  • Title Text (images only, not applicable to other file types)
  • File Description
  • Related Issues
  • Media Tags (required)

Here is what each of these fields represent: 

Alt Text

This is for images only. This is the text that a non-sighted user, which includes a screen-reader (and, by the way, search engines -- SEO -- are screen readers as well) or a user that cannot download images for any reason, will see. This text should provide the information or emotional experience that the entity without the visual is missing. It is not a caption, but rather a replacement for the image.

Title Text

This is for images only. Think of this as a caption for the image. It is the text the user will see when mousing over the image, so it is additional information relevant to the image that the image itself may not immediately convey.

File Description

This is where you should include information about your file that you want to be available through search, or that needs to be associated with the file for any reason. Things to include:

  • Words or language that, if someone types in the MyLO or your League Site's search box, would result in this file being part of the list,
  • Words that help another League Webmaster looking for files locate this file,
  • Information about copyright and/or contact requirements for use of the file.

Related Issues

This field also helps users find files on the MyLO system. If a Webmaster is trying to find images to improve their Voter Education page, and you have tagged images of volunteers helping potential voters find information with the "Voter Education" issue, then you have made it easy for them (or you in the future) to locate a relevant file.

Media Tags

This field is requried. All media on the site must be classified as a type of media. Not only will this help with searching, but it helps you find images that are already ready for a certain kind of use (e.g. Social Media or Slideshow Images). 

If you do not see a classification that is useful, make your best selection and contact MyLO support with your concern, explanation, and recommendation through the Google Support Group. LWVC is working hard to keep this list short in order to make it easier to use.

Adding new media 

Browse buttons are big, blue, and have the button classBrowse button on content forms

When you are creating or editing a piece of content, you will see a large blue Browse button under Image or File Attachment fields. This button will open the library and allow you to upload new media.

These buttons will open the Media Library, but will only allow you to find or upload the types of files that are intended for those areas. If the field is an image field, you will only have access to images when using one of these.

Read about Main Image v. Alternate Image.

Embedded Media button in visual editor

Visual editor, pointing to putting used to open the media library in the body area

When you are working in text areas, if you are using the WYSIWYG text format and have the visual editor buttons at the top of your text area, the last button looks like a tiny picture of a mountain. This will open the visual editor. 

If you are using this to place a file in your text area, set your cursor where you want the file to be located before loading the visual editor.

This will work for images, PDFs, and other types of files.

Manage Files page

Your Administer League menu includes a link to Manage Files. This link will open a page listing all of the files that you have uploaded, including an Add new file button to upload new files.

There is an additional link on this page that will give you access to search and review all files on MyLO, not just your own.

Note: at this time, files are uploaded one at a time. If you have need for a different method, please discuss on the Google Support Group.

Finding media in the media library

When you open the library, you will have the ability to search for files based on the words in the filename, the description, issues, and media tags. You can also search by a specific file type. E.g. if you are looking for a PDF, you can narrow your search down to documents so as not to include images. Assuming League Webmasters are diligent when creating or editing file metadata, you will be able to find those items that are relevant to you.

When you use the Media Browser through the content forms, you will see four tabs:

  • Upload: allows you to add a new file
  • My Leagues' Files: shows you all files that have been uploaded by a Webmaster from your League
  • My Files: shows you only files that you uploaded
  • All Files: shows you all of the files on the system. This is how you will find social media or other pre-created files from LWVC and other Leagues

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