Learning about Forms: Email Settings

Learning about Forms: Email Settings

Email Notifications for Submissions

MyLO webforms can be configured to send emails when a form submission is received. Emails can be sent as a notification to you or your internal users (i.e. board members/directors, webmasters) who need to know when there is a new submission, and they can also be sent to the end user to verify a successful form submission (i.e. League members, general public). Many advanced settings are also available.

Add Email Recipients

  1. Select the Webform tab, 
  2. then the E-mails tab. 
    1. From here, you can set the recipient's email address under the E-mail To column by using the Address field. Multiple users can be entered by separating addresses with commas.
    2. Additionally, the E-mail To value can be set using a Component Value. This is most commonly used to send confirmation emails to the user submitting the form by setting Component Value to an E-mail form component.
    3. The email recipients can also be modified after you've clicked Add.

Advanced Recipient Routing with Component Value

Other components offer more advanced configuration choices. A Select Options component, for example, will give you an E-mail Address field for each Option, and send an email to whichever addresses are associated with the Option the user selects. 

As an example of how this could be used: if a webform collects requests to reserve a room, but different people are in charge of that room depending on the day of the week, a Select Options component could collect the day of the week, and email the appropriate user.

Enable Sending

This checkbox at the top of the message offers a quick and easy way for you to disable email messages if necessary. By default, it is set to enable sending. This may be useful if you anticipate needing the message to be active again in the future, as it can be used in place of deleting the email and you won’t have to start from scratch to get it set up again.

Email Header Details

Here you can set the subject of the email and define the “from” address and name. If you don’t enter any information here, the webform will try to pull information from the MyLO system and from your MyLO site (i.e. your webform title becomes the subject, sitewide default from email address is support [at] lwvc.org). These default values may be replaced with a static custom value, or may be based on the value of a component in the webform.

Email Template

This is where the actual content of the email is defined. The default template lists who submitted the form, when they submitted it, the values that each form component collected, and a link that can be used to view the submission (note that this link can only be used by authenticated users, so end users will not be able to see their submission). 

Customizing the content of the email can be done by adding or removing static text. As an example, adding “Thanks for your submission!” at the end of the template will add exactly that.

If you wish to add dynamic content, you will need to use tokens. You can see some of these tokens in use in the default template, and can examine what other tokens are at your disposal by clicking Browse Available Tokens. Please use this option VERY CAREFULLY. These tokens will take a few minutes to load completely.

Current Page Tokens

Values called by these tokens are related to the webform submissions (default email template).

  • Date Submitted – [submission:date]
  • Edit URL – [submissions:edit-url]
  • Submission Values – [submissions:values:?]
    • The “?” in this token can be replaced with the field key (including any parent field keys separated by colons).

Included E-mail Values

The Included E-mail Values section can be expanded to show a list of all components in the form and a checkbox. Unchecking a component will prevent values it collects from showing up in the email. There is also a checkbox at the bottom that can be used to exclude any “empty” components that were not filled out when the form was submitted.

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