Publishing Options - Sticky & Promoted to Front

Publishing Options - Sticky & Promoted to Front

Some of your content displays in lists, or views. A view is a predefined list of content. Here are some examples of a view that you would find on your site:

  • the slideshow on the League landing page
  • the list of promoted content on the League landing page
  • the list of events on the calendar page 
  • the list of members only content
  • the list of action alerts
  • the list of articles
  • the list of positions

When appearing in lists, content typically displays with the newest item first (chronologically by post date in descending order). The exception is the calendar page, which display chronologically by event date, in ascending order (past events display in descending order by event date, most recent first).

You are able to control the order of items using Sticky


This uses the metaphore of an item physically sticking to its location (think of something being stapled to the top). These items will remain a the top regardless of post or event date. 

If multiple items are sticky, then the sticky items will still sort by date. This means that the most recent sticky item will display first, but a very old sticky item could display above much newer content.

Content can be made sticky, or have sticky removed, at any time with a simple checkbox under "publishing options" on the Draft form.

publishing options tab

Promoted to front page

Another tool you have for how and where content displays is Promoted to front page.

Your League site's home page, landing page, or front page (depending on what you call it) only displays dynamic content that has been Promoted. [NOTE: Slideshow items already display on the front page, so Promoting these will make no change.]

This is also handled with a check box that can be changed at any time under "publishing options" on the Draft form of your content.

Additionally, the front page will only display 10 items.

Be careful with sticky on items that have been promoted to the front page. If you forget that you have made a bunch of items sticky, you could quickly end up with newer content not displaying. Try to be very discerning in your use of sticky.

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