What to look for after your site is migrated

What to look for after your site is migrated

If you have asked to have your content migrated for you, the following are elements of your site that you will want to look at after migration:

(This list is still being developed...)

  1. The email address presented in the footer of your League site
  2. Your Donate page, which is linked from the red donate button in the left sidebar
  3. Your Join page, on which you may want to include a form or other information

Donate page

This page should always be at the URL /YourState/YourLeagueName/donate, but you do not need to use the page that was automatically generated when your site was created. If you choose, you can delete this page, and then use the Create Form link to build a webform to collect donation information.  Make sure when you create the form, that the title is "Donate." This will ensure that it has the correct path for the red Donate button.

Join page

Everything that you can do with the Donate page, you can also do with the Join page. The URL for this page will be /YourState/YourLeagueName/join, and if you replace it with a form you will want to make sure to title the form "Join."

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