LWVRC Supports 2020 Census Complete Count

LWVRC Supports 2020 Census Complete Count

2020 US Census

Our League joined has joined the 2020 Census Complete Count Partnership.  Many Troy community-based organizations, educational institutions, faith-based groups and  representatives of the business community have also joined. The focus of all members is reaching people who tend to be undercounted - Troy is as much as 40% undercounted in some parts and the most undercounted part of the County. A Complete Count depends on  recruiting local census workers to go door to door to the local community that does not respond to the invitation to respond by email or mail. A Complete Count also depends on people knowing what to expect - what questions? When? And of course a Complete Count also depends on everyone understanding the importance to our local community of accurate data to inform planning for infrastructure, services, and business. To that end our League has offered  to coordinate a weekly presence at the Troy Farmers Market from January 18 to April 25. Our League Voter Service Team will be at the Market 6 of those Saturdays offering information about the early election season as well as Census information. Census Bureau Partnership Specialists will be with us from time to time. 

Contact us to  join this effort.




https://www.census.gov/roam (Response Outreach Area Mapper)

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