Important Information for 2020 Elections

Important Information for 2020 Elections

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Primary postponement


  • Election Day Deadlines for June 23rd Primary!  This includes Presidential, Congressional, State and Local primaries.
    •  5/29           last day to postmark voter registration form or register in person at BOE
    •  6/13         early voting is available through 6/21
    •  6/16         last day to postmark application for absentee ballot
    •  6/21         early voting ends
    •  6/22         last day to apply in person for absentee ballot
    •  6/22         last day to postmark ballot for Presidential Primary
    •  6/23        last day to deliver absentee ballot in person to BOE
  • Early Voting in New York - Voting has gotten easier for New Yorkers. One of the key reforms adopted last year by the Legislature is the provision for early voting across the state.  All you need to know about early voting:


  • General Election    November 3, 2020

                   Early Voting   October 24 - November 1

                   Deadline for Voter Registration   October 9 in person and postmarked

                   Application for Absentee Ballot   October 27 postmarked; November 2 in person

  • Voting Reforms Passed by Legisature in 2019 

Your Sample Ballot

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