Education Action Team

Education Action Team

Education Action Team

The Education Action Team focuses on the League of Women Voters' belief that high-quality public education for all children is necessary to sustain our democratic way of life and the economic health of our state and the people. We believe that adequate funding is essential to provide and sustain such an education.

To that end, the LWVNC:

      • Opposes vouchers, tax credits, and scholarships that shift public tax dollars to private entities;
      • Supports public pre-K education programs as essential to successful education outcomes and the programs should be fully funded;
      • Supports highly qualified teachers as a necessary part of quality education;
      • Supports training, teacher support, professional development, and competitive salaries; and
      • Believes charter schools that receive public dollars must be held to the same educational, accountability and transparency standards as traditional public schools.

Locally, we reach out to the public to educate on educational issues.


The LWV of Charlotte Mecklenburg, after consensus studies, has these positions:

      • supports and endorses the concepts of teacher-career development and improved teacher working conditions;
      • supports administrative career development;
      • supports early and continuing intervention for at-risk children and promotes comprehensive community and parental involvement in early childhood education for at-risk students;
      • supports parental opportunity for controlled choice from among a wide variety of learning environments, options within schools, and learning styles within programs, in accordance with criteria designed to ensure both the quality and equality of educational opportunities, as well as racial integration;
      • supports community engagement with the CMS School Board through the implementation of the Community Equity Committee.

Executive Summary - NC Opportunity Scholarship Program

The North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship Program raises concerns about accountability and transparency.   As the culmination of a 2 year study, the Education Action Team developed recommendations which, if implemented, will provide (1) assurance to the taxpayers that their money is being spent wisely and (2) appropriate school data for parents to make informed decisions about their children׳s education.  The Team is proceeding with advocacy to implement these recommendations. Click below to read our recommendations or download the powerpoint presentation.

Opportunity Scholarships: What Should Parents and Taxpayers Know? 

FileNC Opportunity Scholarships Powerpoint.pptx

For more information about related issues or to get involved contact the Chair of the Education Committee at education [at]