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Join Fair Districts NC to get reasonable Redistricting Reform in time for the 2021 Redrawing!

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When politicians draw their own districts, we, the voters, lose! Naturally, they draw safe districts for themselves and their party. That’s called gerrymandering. When one party is in charge of drawing the maps, they can rig election outcomes so that the winners of most seats are predetermined and their party is all but guaranteed to keep the majority. As a result, gerrymandering undercuts accountability to the voters, the very essence of democracy.  

We’re approaching a critical period:  In 2021, we’ll redraw our state and local districts for the next decade. We don’t want another decade of gerrymandered districts. Your help is urgently needed to achieve reform that puts voters, not politicians in charge of the redrawing.

The best solution, being adopted by states across the country, is a citizens’ commission that draws the maps in an open, participatory process, following strict criteria, and limiting the role of the legislature. Our coalition, Fair Districts NC, is working to educate voters and promote reform. Please join us!

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The strength of the League is in its 17 local Leagues, from Henderson and Asheville in the west to Lower Cape Fear, Carteret, Dare, and NE (centered in Elizabeth City) on the coast. Most of the Leagues have a redistricting team, organizing public education programs and working with their elected officials. We're happy to highlight their work. What a great team! 

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The League’s approach to reform recognizes that both the criteria for redistricting and the process for drawing the maps are key to getting us to Fair Maps.

We, the citizens of North Carolina, can put an end to gerrymandering and strengthen our democracy. Help us draw the line on gerrymandering in our state.

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