Municipal Government

Municipal Government

Position In Brief: 

Municipal government


     (1)  Support for the charter form of city government and monitoring of any revision of the City of Akron Charter.

      (2) Support legislation to fill city council ward member vacancies by vote of ward precinct committee representatives and council-at-large member vacancies by vote of city precinct representatives if half of term remains; filling shall be temporary with some provision made for election at the next regular election.

b.   Support for municipal revenues to be raised in a fair and equitable manner to provide an adequate level of services, and consideration of the effect on the city’s finances in determining LWVAA positions on municipal issues.

c.   Support the Akron Civil Service system.

d.   Campaign Finance

     (1)  Support efforts to increase accessibility and timeliness of campaign finance information.

     (2)  Support limitations on campaign contributions from all sources.

     (3)  Support limitations on cash contributions from all sources and the dispensing of receipts for each cash contribution received.

     (4)  Support the meaningful civil enforcement of campaign law.

     (5)  Support the review of campaign finance law to allow for modernization.

e.   Support the right of recourse to recall for the removal of elected officials from office. A structure should be in place to prevent the misuse of recall elections and to minimize their costs, with mechanisms that reflect just cause for conducting a recall, consider the interests and concerns of citizens, and protect the integrity of elected office.

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