Vote-by-Mail FAQs

Vote-by-Mail FAQs

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• Can I request a ballot now?
Yes, you can request a November 2020 ballot any time after January 1st. It’s a 2-step process: First, you mail in an application for a ballot, then the ballot is mailed to you. Second, complete the ballot and return.

To complete the first step, go to the Butler County Board of Elections website and print the application. Information on how to return the application is on the form.

• Won’t applications be mailed to all registered voters?
Yes, a vote-by-mail application will be sent to all registered voters by the Ohio Secretary of State around Labor Day. You will then have to return the application to have a ballot mailed to you via U.S. Mail. Vote-by-mail requests are expected to be numerous, so if you intend to vote-by-mail, consider sending in your request early so you’re not crunched for time.

• Once the application has been submitted, when will November ballots be mailed?
Boards of Elections will begin mailing ballots on October 6; by law, ballots cannot be mailed more than 29 days before an election.

• Do I need to use my own postage on the application and on the ballot?
Yes, at this time no funding has been allocated for postage-paid returns. Critically important: your ballot envelope may need EXCESS postage – review the ballot instructions carefully when your ballot arrives so that you understand the correct amount of postage needed on the return envelope.

• What if I request a vote-by-mail ballot and then decide to vote in person?
You can do so but you will be required to submit a PROVISIONAL ballot on Election Day if you’ve already requested a vote-by-mail ballot. The vote-by-mail ballot must be postmarked on or before Election Day. This means that the ballot may arrive at the Board of Elections after Election Day. The provisional ballot cast on Election Day is held to ensure that you only vote once. Once the Board of Elections confirms that you have not returned a vote-by-mail ballot, the provisional ballot cast on Election Day will be counted.

• Do I need to take the ballot into the Post Office to get the date hand-stamped on the envelope?
If you are returning the vote-by-mail ballot within 7 days of Election Day, we recommend that you go into the Post Office and request a ‘hand stamp’ showing the date. If you’re returning your ballot earlier, you can place the ballot in the out-going mail.

The League of Women Voters of Oxford will be updating this information as we get closer to the election. Given recent changes and uncertainties regarding the pandemic, many voters are unsure of the current status of vote-by-mail. Please share with your friends and loved ones.

Current as of 06-24-2020

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