Student Guide to Voting

Student Guide to Voting

Prepared for the students of Union County by LWVLA

Voter Registration Info | Be an Involved Voter | Students: How to Vote

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Your Voice | Your Vote

Register to Vote in PA

Registered Voter Qualifications

  • a US citizen for at least 1 month
  • 18 years of age on or before Election Day (April 28, 2020)
  • a resident of PA and your election district for at least 30 days before the upcoming election

Required Identification Information

  • Penndot Driver's License number,
  • Penndot ID Card number, OR
  • Last 4 Digits of your Social Security number

Where to Register

  • IN PERSON: Union County Voter Registration Office; 155 N 15th St, Lewisburg, PA 17837 570-524-8681; Hours: M-F, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
  • ONLINE: Visit PA Voter Services to submit your application online (English & Spanish). Record your application # in order to track your application.
  • BY MAIL: Download a voter registration form at PA Voter Services. Print, complete, sign, and deliver/mail to union county voter registration office (155 N 15th St, Lewisburg, PA 17837) or obtain a voter registration application form at the Union County Voter Registration Office, state liquor stores, or state offices. Mail to Union County Voter Registration Office (155 N 15th st, Lewisburg, PA 17837).

Check your Voter Registration Status


Get Involved | Stay Involved

Vote Every Year

Registering to vote is only the first step. Commit yourself to voting in every election, including primaries (if eligible - read below for eligibility guidelines). Remember that important elections are held every year, including local and state elections. The results of these elections have a huge impact on your life!

Stay Informed

Not sure who is running? Still confused about which offices are up for election? To find your legislators, township and district, go to There you can find out about the candidates and issues on your ballot. If you are unable to get news through TV or newspapers, you can visit major news outlets online.

Encourage Others

Encourage your friends and family to register and then show them how! Remind them in person and on social media when elections take place, and encourage them to let their voices be heard! Registering is one thing, but actually voting is another. Help others to get to the polls.

Important Info for Student Voting

Vote Using Your School Address

  • Use the Voter registration application form to change your address.
  • Register at least 30 days before the election.
  • Be sure to update your registration form each time you move.
  • You may be asked to show an ID the first time you vote in a new precinct.

Vote In Your Home District

  • Register using your home address and send it to your home county registration office. Find your home county registration office.
  • Either go home to vote in your home precinct or fill out an absentee ballot application (download here) then print, complete, sign, and deliver/mail to your home county registration office.
  • The Department of State recommends that you submit the absentee ballot application at least 2 weeks before the election.

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