Gun Control

Gun Control

Statement of Position on Gun Policy, as adopted by 1990 Convention and amended by the 1994 and 1998 Conventions.
(For Complete position: Impact on Issues, pg. 87)

The League of Women Voters of the United States believes that the proliferation of handguns and semiautomatic assault weapons in the United States is a major health and safety threat to its citizens. The League supports strong federal measures to limit the accessibility and regulate the ownership of these weapons by private citizens. The League supports regulating firearms for consumer safety.

The League supports licensing procedures for gun ownership by private citizens to include a waiting period for background checks, personal identity verification, gun safety education, and annual license renewal. The license fee should be adequate to bear the cost of education and verification.

The League supports a ban on "Saturday night specials," enforcement of strict penalties for the improper possession of and crimes committed with handguns and assault weapons, and allocation of resources to better regulate and monitor gun dealers.

RI Position

RI Coalition Against Gun Violence. We sit on its steering committee, Campaign for Gun Violence Prevention RI


Ghost Guns
As was widely reported, both the RI Senate and RI House overwhelmingly passed Ghost Gun bills in February. Unfortunately, the approved bills were not identical, and then the pandemic struck. It was not until the General Assembly began limited sessions June 17, 2020 that the reconciled bill passed on both the House and Senate floors. The Governor signed the bill June 23, 2020!
Regulating High Capacity Magazines 
Limiting magazines to 10 rounds (ammunition)
Despite a majority of both the RI House and Senate having signed on to respective high capacity magazine bans in 2020 there was no action on this issue.