Direct Lobbying

Direct Lobbying

Our major focus, the area where we lead, is GOOD GOVERNMENT.

This includes all the issues that help make our democracy work: for example, voter access,
redisctricting, ethics, dark money, regulatory reform, a fair judiciary, constitutional amendments,
the census, and home rule.

As directed by our board, the LWVSC lobbyist works on these issues in the Statehouse,
tesitifies or brings others to testify in subcommittee and committee hearings, and directs that
Action Alerts be sent to members as appropriate.

Currently, we are supporting

Bill XXXX — Redistricting

Bill YYY — ehics

Bill JJJJ — fair judiciary

Bill OOO — dark money

In addition, we work with other organizations in coalition to support bills on our other positions
as appropriate: especially natural resources, education, the ERA, womens’ reproductive health,
racial equity, and criminal justice.

Bills of particular issue at this time are

Bill 46ndkg — education

Bill ygertr4 — ERA

Bill VTUed — womens’ reproductive health

Bill FFTTT — solar energy