Why you should Vote

The leaders you elect make decisions that affect you, your job, your health care, your energy costs, your security, and more. Voting is your chance to choose the decision makers and tell them what you want.your voice your vote

What you'll vote on

Most likely, you'll have several choices to make when you vote. For example, you may vote for President and Vice-President of the United States, Members of Congress, Governor, Mayor and School Board. You may also be asked to vote on other things, like money for schools or roads, and whether you approve of certain laws.

When to Vote

General Elections, when we vote for President and Members of Congress, come in November of even-numbered years. Election Day is the Tuesday between November 2 and November 8. State and local elections may be held at other times as well. Primary elections, in which voters choose which candidate they want to represent their party, usually take place several months before general elections.

Where to Vote

You should get a card after you register, telling you where you vote (usually a nearby location). Hold on to your card for Election Day.

 'Voter Fraud' Myth De-bunked --Rolling Stone, June 2012

Are you Ready to Vote?

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