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Regulatory Reform re Utiliies

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LWVSC supports positions that ensure accountability of public officials through:

1.  Appointments by the executive and legislative branches of state government that:

    a.  Are based on qualifications for the specific appointment.

    b.  Ensure representative government by including people of different races, sexes, and ages.

    c.  Are free from financial or professional conflicts of interest.

2.  Stronger lobbying rules to prevent former legislators from lobbying on the floor.

3.  Prohibiting former legislators from serving as paid lobbyists in the legislature for a period of two years after they leave office.

4.  Restricting legislators from practicing before boards and commissions which are appointed and/or funded and/or regulated by the General Assembly.

5.  Full disclosure of retainers by legislators.

6.  An audit process that includes the following:

    a.  An independent state agency that audits state government programs.

    b.  Retaining the Legislative Audit Council under the jurisdiction of the General Assembly.

    c.  Audit of state government programs by request of the legislature, randomly and periodically, and/or in response to special need       in order to determine efficiency/cost effectiveness, compliance with state and federal statutes and regulations, how programs
    compare to similar programs in other states, customer/citizen satisfaction/politeness, equity (treating all citizens equally),
    and results.

    d.  Compliance review for audited agencies and programs by the Governor’s Office since restructuring has placed more agency           accountability under executive control.

7.  The use of qualified administrative law judges, selected by the Legislature, to review agency decisions.