Redistricting Reform

Redistricting Reform

Politicians should not be choosing their voters.
Position In Brief: 

Stop the Gerrymander! LWVSC's redistricting effort seeks a bipartisan Redistricting Commission and lines which do not protect incumbents or political parties. Sign up for our blog, find a speaker, and get one of our Stop the Gerrymander bumper stickers.

Political and racial gerrymandering distorts and undermines representative democracy by allowing officials to select their voters rather than voters to elect their officials. When done for purposes of racial discrimination or to ensure the dominance of one political party, gerrymandering runs counter to equal voting rights for all eligible voters.

In keeping with the League's longstanding mission, "Making Democracy Work", The League of Women Voters emphasizes a nonpartisan approach to redistricting reform. Our goal is not to further the interests of a party or candidate, but of the voters. We want district lines drawn by an independent commission and we want criteria that do not include protecting the interests of incumbents or parties. This is essential to break through voter apathy (why vote if the conclusion is foregone?), to reduce polarization in our legislature and Congress, and to ensure that every legislator must make his or her case to voters representing the full range of citizens who live in around their communities.

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