LWV WI Issues Briefing 2017

2019-2020 Board of Directors


Louise Petering, President, Milwaukee County, 2018-20

Debra Byars, Treasurer, Member at Large, 2018-20 (appointed 11.23.19 to complete term) 

Beth English, Secretary, Appleton, 2019-21


Joy Cardin, Dane County, 2019-21

Sara Companik, Appleton, 2018-20

Andrea Kaminski, Dane County, 2018-20

Melanie Ramey, Dane County, 2019-21

T. Ruth Shank, Milwaukee County, 2019-21 

Dorothy Skye, Northwoods, 2018-20

  • State Board Nominations  The nomination form for 2020-2022 will be posted in early 2020 to be accepted until early March 2020 for the beginning of the term in July 2020.

Board Committees

Committee Descriptions

Committees and Members (2019-2020)


Debra Cronmiller, Executive Director, LWV Dane County
Bonnie Chang, Administrative Assistant, LWV Dane County 
Eileen Newcomer, Voter Education Manager, LWV Janesville
Ellen Penwell, Membership & Events Manager, LWV Whitewater Area

State Legislative Committee

Ingrid Rothe, Chair, Dane County

Andrea Kaminski, Legislative Coordinator, Dane County


Committee Portfolio / Speciality Committee Member League
  Reporting Members  
Elections Andrea Kaminski - Legislative Coordinator Dane County
Election Law / Voting Rights Colleen Gruszynski Greater Green Bay
Redistricting / Electoral College / Campaign Finance Joan Schwarz Dane County
Campaign Finance Reform Sue Lloyd Dane County
Redistricting Susan Curran Winnebago County
  Advising Members  
Gov Financing / Money in Politics / Redistricting Andrea Musch Stevens Point Area
Redistricting / National Popular Vote / Electoral College Barbara Paterick Greater Green Bay
Voting Rights / Redistricting Linea Sundstrom Milwaukee County
Redistricting / National Popular Vote / Electoral College Dorothy Skye Northwoods


Committee Portfolio / Speciality Committee Member League 
  Reporting Members  
Natural Resources Caryl Terrell Dane County
Water Waltraud Brinkmann Dane County
Waste and Recycling Carol Diggelman Milwaukee County
  Advising Members  
Air Joe Ancel Wisconsin Rapids Area
Natural Resources Shari Eggleson Ashland Bayfield Counties


Committee Portfolio / Speciality Committee Member League
  Reporting Member  
Children & Families Ingrid Rothe - Chair Dane County
Predatory Lending / Consumer Protection Dorothy Dean Milwaukee County
Health Care Dorothy Skye Northwoods
Antidiscrimination / LGBTQ+ Joann Elder Dane County
Corrections / Mental Health Katie Mulligan Dane County
Transportation Penny Robinson Appleton
Post-Secondary Education / Health Sybil Better Dane County
Equal Rights (ERA) Joan Schwarz Dane County
Mental Health Sita Diehl Dane County
 Public Education (K-12) Janine Edwards Dane County
  Advising Members  
Corrections / Juvenile Justice Barbara Hussin Milwaukee County
Women's Health Cindy Fallona Appleton
Mental Health Joyce McCollum Greater Green Bay