The League of Women Voters of Wisconsin takes positions on key public policy issues after study, debate and consensus by our membership. Based on these positions, LWVWI analyzes and takes action on current bills in the state legislature.

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LWV Milwaukee County press conference

LWV Milwaukee County advocating for voting rights



Positions by Topic:


Citizens' Rights, including voting rights, citizen rights and right to privacy in reproductive choices
Ballot Design
Government Structures & Procedures, including redistricting and other
County Government
Administration of Justice
Government Financing

Natural Resources

Standards & Enforcement
Air & Land Policies
Solid Waste Management
Water Quality
Great Lakes Ecosystem

Social Policy

Health Care & Mental Health
Lending Industry Practices
Community Policy
(formerly Urban Policy)

LWVUS National Positions

The full LWVWI State Position Document (pdf, updated 2016).

LWVWI Summary of Positions document is also available (updated, 2018).